Top Reasons Why You Should Tour Mount Kenya

If you are a fun of hiking or trekking, you need to consider visiting Kenya during your next holiday. Kenya is a country that is found in East Africa which has a coastline on the Indian Ocean. Kenya is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the eastern part of Africa; this is due to its rich heritage. Kenya is the home of the second tallest mountain in Africa, that seconds Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The mountain is located near a town known as Nanyuki which is located in central Kenya. It is believed that Mount Kenya count be three million years old and originated from a volcano. There are countless reasons why you should tour Mount Kenya.

Mount Kenya has three peaks that you should tour. Batian is the highest point of the mountain, which is approximated to be 5199m/17057ft. The second highest peak is Nelion; this peak is believed to be 5188m/17021ft. Point Lenana is the third highest peak of the mount, and it is approximated to be 4964m/16355ft high. Climbing Mount Kenya, it's not for the faint-hearted. Reaching the first and second peaks requires a more experienced and dedicated mountaineer who is also physically fit. Most of the climbers go as far as point Lenana. Know about Safaris in Kenya here!

Accessibility is another key reason as to why you should visit Mount Kenya. It is easy to access Kenya from any corner of the world due to its geographical positioning. The easiest way to access Kenya is by flying up to the capital city which is Nairobi. Kenya has the easiest way of obtaining a tourist visa. There are five routes that you can use to access the peak of the mountain. Sirimon route, this route offers you the most beautiful approach to the mountain, and it has a steady attitude gain. Burguret route, this is one of the challenging routes that you can use, you will go through wilderness and rainforest. Naru Moro route, this is the most common route that most hikers use to access the mountain, using this route it is approximated you can use two days and one night to get at the peak of the mountain. Chogoria, this is the second best route you can use, the route passes through waterfalls and incredible gorge. Timau route, this is the fifth route that you can use, the route is not commonly used due to its limited facilities and lots of open wilderness. Climb Mount Kenya today!

When touring Mount Kenya, you will enjoy passionate tour guides and tour companies that help you in hiking the mountain. You may also check and gather more ideas at .